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Wallpaper Installation Services – Wallpaper Installation and Removal In Buffalo, NY

End to end wallpaper installation services

Professional Buffalo Water Installation Services 

Looking for a stylish alternative to interior paint? Wallpaper installation services offer a plethora of design possibilities, with a wide range of prints, patterns, and textures that can truly transform any room! At Classic Renovations of Buffalo Inc., we have built a solid industry reputation for over 20 years by consistently delivering exceptional craftsmanship in hanging wallpaper in Buffalo, NY. We understand that for high-end wallpapers to truly shine, they must be installed with impeccable precision and artistry by a skilled paper hanger. Rest assured, our team possesses the expertise and attention to detail required to ensure a flawless and stunning wallpaper installation. Additionally, we also offer professional wallpaper removal services, providing a comprehensive solution for all your wallpaper needs.

Mural, Wallpaper and Wall Covering Installation 

From new construction to renovation and remodeling projects, wallpaper installation services are a popular way to enhance the look of any room! Popular styles of wall coverings include wall borders, wall stencils, wall paneling, faux brick finishes, wall murals, and wall texturing. We will work with you or your interior decorator on your style and installation process.

Our Wallpaper Removal Services Include: 

  • Old wallpaper removal
  • Damaged wallpaper removal

Wallpaper removal near you and wallpaper installation services is a tedious and delicate process. It is important to use the correct techniques to eliminate all wallpaper residues while preserving the integrity of the underlying drywall or plaster. If you do not remove the residues left behind from the old wallpaper glue, the new wallpaper or interior paint will not adhere properly. Each wallpaper removal project is different. The process can vary from one room to another in the same house, depending upon a wide variety of factors:

  • Type of wallpaper
  • Type of glue
  • Condition of the drywall or plaster behind the wallpaper
  • Techniques used by the original wallpaper installer

Classic Renovations of Buffalo, Inc. uses multiple wallpaper removal processes including steaming, hand stripping, and the light application of a non-toxic wallpaper removal agent. Our processes ensure all paper backing and leftover glue is removed from the surface so that the drywall or plaster is ready for primer and paint.

Wallpaper Hanging and Wallpaper Fabrication 

With so many styles to choose from, wallpaper installation services can add life to any room. Wallpaper, with its stylish designs, and wall fabric, with its textured appearance, are great ways to add a dramatic look to your walls and ceiling. Wall fabric is a great alternative to stucco, it can help to cover imperfections, cracks, nicks, and help soundproof a room.