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Concrete Restoration and Concrete Cleaning

You expect your new driveway, patio, pool deck, walkway, or brick home to look its best for years to come. The reality is our harsh Buffalo, NY weather can take a toll on that beautiful surface. What the installer may not have told you is that almost every type of concrete surface needs sealing services shortly after installation and routinely after that.

Classic Renovations of Buffalo, INC. has the knowledge and experience to know exactly what type of concrete sealing services are required for each material. Keeping up with concrete sealing and concrete staining means your surfaces stay protected from the elements and stain free. Prior to sealing concrete, staining concrete, or painting concrete; we power wash the surface so nothing is locked in underneath.

​Concrete Sealed, Concrete Staining

If concrete isn’t sealed, it will continuously wear and absorb stains permanently. To keep concrete beautiful, it needs to be properly maintained and sealed. Classic Renovations of Buffalo, INC. can add stain or paint and turn an ugly concrete driveway, concrete porch, concrete pavers, or a concrete patio in Buffalo, NY into a finished look. Concrete stain can be sprayed in a variety of colors. We also have concrete solid color paint for masking surfaces to look concrete gray again.

Driveway Sealing Contractors – Concrete

There are many concrete surfaces that benefit from concrete sealing and concrete staining. Brick homes, borders, walkways, pool decks, retaining walls, pavers, driveways, and patios can all look new and beautiful again with the right stain applied by your concrete sealing and staining contractor.

Often, many surfaces we consider natural or pavers become porous quickly and begin to loose their permanent color. We can add color if needed but nothing can reverse the aging and damaged look of concrete to bring it back to its original look. Concrete sealing or concrete staining as soon as a surface is installed is the least expensive and most effective in the long term.

Sealing concrete and painting concrete enhances its look, resists stains, and wear. Staining concrete can turn regular concrete into many beautiful options or your Buffalo, NY property.

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